This week’s Tuesday Tease comes from Kaysee Renee Robichaud, whose newest book the collection What Bad Girls Get for Christmas and Other Sexy Seasonal Treats hits shelves. The collection brings together Kaysee Renee’s holiday themed stories, all reprints from small press anthologies. Take it away Kaysee Renee!


What Bad Girls Get for ChristmasFirst of all, I wanted to take this chance to wish all the American readers of ConsideringStories a happy Thanksgiving! Time to talk turkey and bring warm wishes to your hearts, it’s time to spend times with friends and loved ones and maybe make some military type plans of attack for the sales that happen on Black Friday . . . Here in Texas, the temperatures are dropping into the pleasant late autumn 40 degrees F I recall from my childhood in northern states. It’s unusual down here, but it’s the norm for me. Funny how that happens sometimes.

Unfortunately, it’s also time to tackle bad feelings as well as good ones. Seasonal tidings can bring the good and the bad at the same time, and as someone who has suffered from bouts of loneliness and depression over the years, I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has ever had to deal with that stuff. Also, this is my chance to say: You’re not alone.

Although my new mini-collection is out, I don’t want to talk about the stories in there right now. There’s plenty of time to think about that stuff later (if you’re curious be sure to check out my blog tomorrow, in fact). For now, I want to say a quick and fond hello to you readers and a thank you for supporting the #TuesdayTease feature here at the website. It’s been a fun way to connect with new readers, and I hope to continue being a part of this well into the future.

What are y’all reading right now?

I’m in the middle of the new Laundry Files novel from Charles Stross, a bit about the Lovecraftian singularity called THE LABYRINTH INDEX, and I’m having a fine, fun old time having the you know what scared out of me. I can’t say I’ve loved every book in the series, I found the first one (THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES) to be a bit of a slog though the backup story in the Ace Books edition is a lot of fun, but the series really hit its stride with book 2 (THE JENNIFER MORGUE) and has been pretty strong since.

For those unfamiliar, the series posits a secret agency in Britain, which tackles Cthulhu Mythos monsters as well as other agencies and nasty cultist types. It’s a blend of the best (and sometime the worst) espionage stories with H.P. Lovecraft with healthy doses of geek humor and software developer in-jokes. You see, mythos magic spells in this series can be performed through derivations of complex mathematical computations. Alan Turing was the man who discovered mythos monsters, and it’s up to the Laundry to try and put down what often accidentally (or otherwise) gets raised up. As a diehard Lovecraftian myself, I rather love the series. Particularly since it speaks to the geek in me.

In addition to the spooky goings ons and geek humor, the romantic entanglement between series protagonist Bob Howard and Dominique “Mo” O’Brien has been wonderful and heartbreaking to observe. As with most relationships, it has gone through the rapids and the salad days, the ups and the downs in a wonderfully compelling fashion. They are a delight for me (and Mo’s book, The Annihilation Score is a devise book among the fans, I love it to pieces though it (rightly) lacks my all-time favorite character, who always shall be The (Original) Eater of Souls, John Angleton.

The latest book fills in some blanks I’ve been eager to have filled since book two, namely the creeptastic American equivalent to the Laundry, the very dirty boys and girls of the Black Chamber (aka The Nazgul). It posits a scenario right out of Sandy Peterson’s Cthulhu Wars board game (namely different great old ones/outer gods in direct competition) and it stars a snarky, wonderful spin on vampires for its protagonist: The terrifying and effective Phang, Mhari Murphy. Mhari is charged to sneak into the states with a highly trained occult team, find out if the PM’s enemies have raised a great old one, and oh also “rescue” or kidnap the president. It’s all great fun with some delightfully inventive scary stuff going on. Stross has a knack for this sort of stuff, and I love to watch his stories unfold.

My suggestion for those who want to find out more? Speed read through book one to get a handle on the characters (particularly Bob Howard and Mo though Pinky and the Brain are fun, too), and then savor the backup novella and the books following it.

Ta! I’ve got some reading to do . . .


Thank you, Kaysee Renee!

Readers interested to catch up on the Laundry Files can find eBook, audiobook, and print copies of all the books:

The Atrocity Archives (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Jennifer Morgue (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Fuller Memorandum (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Apocalypse Codex (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Rhesus Chart (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Annihilation Score (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Nightmare Stacks (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Delirium Brief (eBook/paperback/audiobook)

The Labyrinth Index (eBook/hardcover/audiobook)

Readers interested in Kaysee Renee’s erotic fiction are encouraged to check out her holiday-themed collection WHAT BAD GIRLS GET FOR CHRISTMAS AND OTHER SEXY HOLIDAY TREATS, which is available in paperback and eBook editions at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and other shops.

Readers eager to check out Kaysee Renee’s Lovecraftian librarians, the Bookworm Brigade should be sure to check out her Bookworm Brigade series:

SCARY INTEL (eBook/paperback)

POTBOILER (eBook/paperback)

PAGE TURNER (eBook/paperback)

The next volume should be hitting book stand in Q1, 2019.

Do you have a book coming out? Would you like to write a Tuesday Tease update to let readers know? Be sure to drop us a line at danielrobichaud@gmail.com and let us know. We are always open to helping you get new eyes on your books.

Have a safe holiday week, and join us on Thursday for the next installment of our ConsideringWestlake series.

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