PAQ2.jpgThis week brings the second volume of pulpy adventure fiction to eReaders and book stands around the world. C. C. Blake returns as curator for the book, delivering over 16,000 words of stories and articles for the low, low price of $2.99 (eBook)/$5.99 (paperback). Three authors present thrilling tales of action, wonder, and excitement in the pulp fiction tradition, but with a more modern sensibility.

First up is a brand new story from Kaysee Renee Robichaud. “Killer Pickup” gives a Good Samaritan motorist the chance to help someone walking through the rain. Of course, the old chestnut about not picking up hitchhikers still holds true, these days, but this is no simple cautionary tale. Instead, Kaysee Renee spins a tale that would comfortably fit in her Wedding Bells and Death Knells collection, about mysterious strangers, the one that got away, and a hellacious one you wish would just go. Be warned! Just like in those documentaries of yore: Dangers lurks nearby.

Second, Daniel R. Robichaud spins a story that starts with a post-apocalyptic race against time that shifts gears into something more vicious when it veers into a town filled with mutants and worse. “Betty in Sideshow” appeared in the small press zine Spacesuits and Sixguns back in the day, as well as Permuted Press’ Best Tales of the Apocalypse, but the author feels it could use a little more visibility to modern audiences.

Third, C. C. Blake gives us “Baby’s Gone,” a return to the urban fantasy series he developed for a men’s adventure magazine years ago. This story takes place after his novel, Darkest Dominions but requires no knowledge of that material. Chuck and Morven are true loves, reunited after some thrilling and terrible incidents. Now, they are trying to eke out an existence as a family as well as go-to troubleshooters for the vampire underground. When their half-vampire, half-mortal daughter is born it’s dubbed the miracle baby. However, not all miracles are welcomed with open arms . . . When the infant disappears from her crib, it’s up to Chuck and Morven to get her back. They will stop at nothing.

Three stories united by the them of Interception. Sure, it’s most often used as a sports term, but at its heart Interception is about equally strong adversaries seizing control for a while. Each of these stories features multiple interceptions, both in a literal and a metaphoric sense.

We hope you enjoy the teasers enough to give the book a try. It’s intended to be pure entertainment in the mighty pulp fiction manner. When you’re done seeing Avengers: Endgame for the third (or tenth!) time, why not give some speedy modern pulp a go? These three movies for the mind’s eye are cheaper than a movie ticket!


INTERCEPTIONS: PULPTASTIC ADVENTURES QUATERLY, ISSUE 2 is now available in eBook and paperback editions. Grab a copy today from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or your favorite vendor.

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