When the Devil Comes to Town, You Betta Watch How You Get Down: P. Djèlí Clark’s Ring Shout

We all know the white supremacists are horrible people. In the novella Ring Shout, author P. Djèlí Clark asks, “What if they weren’t people at all?” In fact, some of them are people, hateful, driven to a frenzy by such propaganda as white supremacist Thomas Dixon, Jr’s works The Clansman: A Historical Romance of the […]

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Valerie in the Dark: The Power

In 1974, as blackouts dominate the evening hours, Valerie (Rose WIlliams) begins her new job as a nurse at an established London hospital. The Matron (Diveen Henry) is a domineering sort, who dictates uniform skirts be three inches below the knee and threatens to measure them, her colleagues are a bunch of bitter types, and […]

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Find Your Own Story: Rush Week

Synopsis: Budding journalism major and relatively new student Toni Daniels (Pamela Ludwig) has been handed a gig, writing about rush week at Tambers College. If she wants something a bit meatier, her mentor Cosmo Kincald (Gregg Allman) invites her to find a story of her own. One practically falls into her lap, a potentially juicy […]

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These Woods Get Dark Fast: The Child

Synopsis: When Alicianne Del Mar (Laurel Barnett) accepts a job being nanny to young Rosalie Nordon (Rosalie Cole), she does not expect to end up in some remote, spooky house, and trying to keep her sanity amongst a creepy child, her creepy paterfamilias Nordon (Frank Janson), and Rosalie’s weirdly enticing older brother Len Nordon (Richard […]

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Taking Control: Perdita Durango

Synopsis: Perdita Durango (Rosie Perez) has never met anyone like Romeo (Javier Bardem), a badass Santeria priest, kidnapper, cannibal, killer, and all around impulsive bad boy. It’s not quite a love they develop much a mutual enjoyment for screwing and killing (and eating, one supposes): the great pleasures of life. They wear black, they sneer […]

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