Movie Mondays: Color Out of Space

Synopsis: The Gardner family is not having an easy time with their relocation to the wild hills west of Arkham. Their satellite communication back to the world they left is a bit potchky, impacting matriarch Theresa’s (Joely Richardson) career as a financial advisor. Patriarch Nathan (Nicolas Cage) is trying his best to hold the family […]

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Movie Mondays: Belzebuth

Synopsis: The story opens with happy parents and quickly moves into tragedy and horror. Officer Ritter (Joaquin Cosio) and his wife Marina (Aurora Gil) welcome their new son into the world; unfortunately, Ritter is called away from the hospital before a blank-eyed nurse enters the neonate area and begins butchering children. Five years later, a […]

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Movie Mondays: Pastorela

Synopsis: In a neighborhood in the Ciudad de Mexico (aka Mexico City) the annual Pastorela (Nativity Play) is a big event. Law officer Jesus “Chucho” Juarez (Joaquin Cosio) is always cast as the devil, he knows the part by heart. However, when the priest Benito (Osami Kawano) dies of a heart attack while in the […]

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SHOCKtober Movies: Eaten Alive!

Synopsis: When Shelia Morris (Janet Agren) is called down to the police station, she knows only that it’s about her missing sister Diana (Paola Senatore). Is she in some kind of trouble? Well, maybe. The cops aren’t sure. However, her name has been tied to a man who was running around The City (and the […]

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This week, Trista K. Robichaud returns to collaborate on a film review. It’s a brand new piece in the spirit of our old Alamo Cinema Massacre column. Welcome back, Trista! Synopsis: Psychology PhD student Dani (Florence Pugh) has relationship problems – she has needy bipolar sister Terri (Klaudia Csányi) and an uncommunicative boyfriend (Jack Reynor) […]



Synopsis: Following a massive earthquake strong enough to break off LA from the continent and Christian fundamentalism’s rise to take over US government, America becomes a proud, pious utopia (or a dystopia to those who aren’t buying in to that particular form of Christianity). An elected for life President (Cliff Robertson) rules the nation with […]