Considering Westlake: The Ax

The more things change, the more they stay the same . . . This is not a comment about Donald E. Westlake’s chilling novel from 1997, the work under consideration today. Instead, it is a comment about the subject matter he tackled in that particular volume and its relationship to today. The Ax is a […]

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Movie Mondays: Rawhead Rex

Trista and I have always had a lot of fun going to the movies together. Whether we were writing for our Alamo Cinema Massacre column or not, we would often hit the cinema at least once a week, sometimes more. When she had to endure bed rest for the last several months of pregnancy, it […]

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Movie Mondays: Doctor Sleep

Synopsis: As a child, Danny Torrance (Roger Dale Floyd) survived a hellish experience at a haunted Overlook Hotel in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado. Though he and his mother Wendy (Alex Essoe) managed to escape, the hotel’s ghastly occupants would not leave him alone. They followed him wherever he went, even all the way to […]

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Considering Westlake: Smoke

I never would have expected Donald E. Westlake to tackle a Universal Monster movie for one of his comic crime capers. Sure, he made mention here and there about Dracula, Frankenstein, etc., often using old horror movies as a method of comparison for some of his characters or their behaviors. However, with Smoke he tackles […]

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Movie Mondays: Sweetheart

Synopsis: The tide delivers castaway Jenn (Kiersey Clemons) and her dying friend Brad (Benedict Samuel) onto the tropical island like a miracle. However, not all miracles are the godsends they seem to be. Jenn soon discovers that she is alone in the wilds, forced to survive in ways she never had to before. Exploration of […]

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