Git Strapped: Miz Shimmer’s Comin’

A review of Spellbent, by Lucy Snyder Capsule Review: Snyder blends paranormal romance with horror, humor, and high fantasy for a hot n’ spicy treat. Top-notch worldbuilding combined with cool and idiosyncratic characters romanced this reader from the beginning. Deft pacing, awesome whimsy, and what-happens-next curiosity keep me coming back for more. Jessie Shimmer is […]

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For Your Consideration Tuesdays

Some people are obsessed with stamps, others with coins, C. C. Blake gathers nightmares. Care to sample his collection? Mystic dangers, occult espionage, maniacal torments, supernatural suspense, weird wartime encounters … These twelve tales offer brushes with gruesome , grim, and blackly comic worlds of terror. ________________________________________________________________ Hi, all. Just a quick bit of shameless promotion. A brand new omnibus […]

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And All You Love Shall Be Taken Away: Ann Voss Peterson’s Pushed Too Far

The story spark in Ann Voss Peterson’s Pushed Too Far (first entry in the series of thrillers centering on small town sheriff Val Ryker) is pretty simple. As a young cop, Val solved a high profile murder case and the momentum helped her ultimately achieve the role of Sheriff of Lake Loyal, Wisconsin. Years later, the assumed […]

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