Movie Mondays: Doctor Sleep

Synopsis: As a child, Danny Torrance (Roger Dale Floyd) survived a hellish experience at a haunted Overlook Hotel in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado. Though he and his mother Wendy (Alex Essoe) managed to escape, the hotel’s ghastly occupants would not leave him alone. They followed him wherever he went, even all the way to […]

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Movie Mondays: Sweetheart

Synopsis: The tide delivers castaway Jenn (Kiersey Clemons) and her dying friend Brad (Benedict Samuel) onto the tropical island like a miracle. However, not all miracles are the godsends they seem to be. Jenn soon discovers that she is alone in the wilds, forced to survive in ways she never had to before. Exploration of […]

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SHOCKtober Movies: 13 Ghosts

Synopsis: When an absent-minded professor’s family gets their furniture taken away (again) because of inability to make payments, it is just in time for their young son’s birthday. Well, Buck Zorba (Charles Herbert) makes a wish that his family will get a house and furniture no one can take away. As he does so, a […]

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