SHOCKtober Movies: Stay Tuned

Synopsis: Roy Nable (John Ritter) and his wife Helen (Paw Dawber) are a couple of normal folks. Day jobs include selling plumbing (him) and head of sales (her); after work, they like to come home and watch a little TV. Well, Roy likes it a lot more than Helen does. His excessive watching is causing […]

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SHOCKtober Movies: Terrorvision

Synopsis: When the monster disposal facility on planet Pluton dispatches a mutated beast of insatiable appetites and sends it out into space as an electrical signal, that signal accidentally gets caught by a backyard satellite dish on the backwater planet of Earth (they don’t even have interstellar travel yet! How primitive!). The family who owns […]

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Movie Mondays: Cluny Brown

Synopsis: Cluny Brown (Jennifer Jones) is a woman with unusual passions. As a plumber’s niece, she grew up around the tools and trade of fixing pipes, and she grew to love a clog if only for the opportunity to clear it. However, there is little respect in 1938, with the world on the verge of […]

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Considering Westlake: Don’t Ask

For his eighth adventure, Dortmunder finds himself both underwhelmed and overmatched in short order. Instead of a job that seems easy from the start, which then turns impossible, this time around he gets a job that looks impossible from the get-go, which turns out to be surprisingly easy, and quickly degenerates into a tangled mess. […]

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Movie Mondays: The Comedy of Terrors

Synopsis: Although the small New England town’s funeral home might have flourished under the guiding hand of Amos Hinchley (Boris Karloff), it has fallen into decline following the shift of power to son-in-law Waldo Trumbull (Vincent Price). Now, the house has but one coffin for displays, which they regularly reuse (often dumping a body into […]

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According to the author’s opening acknowledgements, Humans came about as a kind of challenge posed to author Donald E. Westlake to write something different. The original challenge came from mystery novelist Evan Hunter (best known to the world as the bestselling creator of police procedurals, Ed McBain), and was later aided and abetted by numerous […]



Synopsis: Sam (Hayley Griffith) is an aspiring folk musician but for now she is also the new girl working pizza delivery. With her trusty scooter, she endures sketchy coworker Duncan’s (AJ Bowen) come-ons and cheap ass customers who don’t tip right (and might even ask her to help move a couch). When her boss gets […]