Movie Mondays: Deerskin

Synopsis: There’s nothing quite like making a new purchase, and when that purchase happens to be your dream jacket well, that’s the best thing of all, right? Not so, in the case of Georges (Jean Dujardin), who comes to discover than acquiring new possessions sometimes means having those new acquisitions possess you in turn. The […]

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Movie Mondays: Color Out of Space

Synopsis: The Gardner family is not having an easy time with their relocation to the wild hills west of Arkham. Their satellite communication back to the world they left is a bit potchky, impacting matriarch Theresa’s (Joely Richardson) career as a financial advisor. Patriarch Nathan (Nicolas Cage) is trying his best to hold the family […]

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Movie Mondays: The Quiet Room

Synopsis: When faced with despair or a quick end, Michael (Jamal Douglas) chooses to force a fistful of pills down his gullet. He wakes up in the hospital, an attempted suicide under observation. Poor man is stuck in a psych ward, shuffling around or sitting on the floor wearing a hospital gown for a good […]

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Movie Mondays: Belzebuth

Synopsis: The story opens with happy parents and quickly moves into tragedy and horror. Officer Ritter (Joaquin Cosio) and his wife Marina (Aurora Gil) welcome their new son into the world; unfortunately, Ritter is called away from the hospital before a blank-eyed nurse enters the neonate area and begins butchering children. Five years later, a […]

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