SHOCKtober Movies: Terrorvision

Synopsis: When the monster disposal facility on planet Pluton dispatches a mutated beast of insatiable appetites and sends it out into space as an electrical signal, that signal accidentally gets caught by a backyard satellite dish on the backwater planet of Earth (they don’t even have interstellar travel yet! How primitive!). The family who owns […]

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And say goodbye to my wife for me. I’ll say hello to yours.: S. Craig Zahler’s Bone Tomahawk

Although they are the coin of the realm in Hollywood and other film industry areas, the screenplay is an odd thing to read. Good ones flow like a solidly written story. Harlan Ellison was the master of the readable script, and his work on the television pilot sequel to A Boy and His Dog is […]

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SHOCKtober Movies: Eaten Alive!

Synopsis: When Shelia Morris (Janet Agren) is called down to the police station, she knows only that it’s about her missing sister Diana (Paola Senatore). Is she in some kind of trouble? Well, maybe. The cops aren’t sure. However, her name has been tied to a man who was running around The City (and the […]

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SHOCKtober Movies: Bone Tomahawk

Synopsis: When a pair of uncouth murderers (David Arquette and the recently departed Sid Haig) flee a posse and cross into a strange burial ground, they cannot know the horror they will unleash. One of them falls almost immediately and the other flees. Unlike what the Good Book says, this guilty man is pursued. From […]

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