The Splendid In-Between Gods and Men

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N. K. Jemisin Capsule review: I love mythologies, and this one gave me fantasy, noir, heroic quests, gods, passions, and dreams. Sometimes over-serious but unpretentious, I greatly enjoyed this series. “There were three gods, once. Only three, I mean. Now there are dozens, perhaps hundreds. They breed like rabbits. But […]

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The Pull of the Other is So Strong : Considering the Witch Figure (Part 2)

Exploring persecution and seduction narratives in works by Shakespeare, Hawthorne and Oates Perhaps the easiest narrative to employ in tales involving witches and their craft is one based on persecution. There are two main roles the witch character can play in such a narrative. On one hand, we have the witch as an object of persecution, […]

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Tea With Sass

A review of Soulless, by Gail Carriger Capsule review: This alternate 1870s world has vampires, werewolves, steampunk mad scientists, aether… and a spinster without a soul. Practical, logical and witty Alexia Tarabotti is a wonderful heroine who must contend with mad science, tea, the terribly attractive Alpha werewolf Conall Maccon, and a decided lack of […]

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