Considering Westlake: Memory

After his death in 2008 and the posthumous release of Get Real, readers held no expectations of seeing anything new from author Donald E. Westlake ever again. However, this was not to be the case. To date, publishing imprint Hard Case Crime has been a strong champion for Westlake’s works, reprinting early material while the […]

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Movie Mondays: Nixon/Frost

Synopsis: Following his self-imposed removal from office, Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) left the nation mired in doubt, cynicism and uncertainty. Because he would be later pardoned for any crimes by acting president Gerald Ford, the nation would never receive answers to the many questions it had about the former president’s activities that culminated with a […]

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Movie Mondays: Robot & Frank

Synopsis: Frank (Frank Langella) is a “retired” jewel thief and second story man, a father of two, lover of many women, divorced/separated, and living alone in an upstate New York of the near future. His memories are slipping a tad, restaurants he can remember eating at last week have been gone for months or years, […]

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